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Our Top Tips for Selecting the Right Kind of Artwork to Appeal to Homebuyers

Off the wall: Starting with blank walls is a great way to prepare your home by taking all art and wall hangings off the wall. The art you choose to hang on your walls is a personal decision and it should speak to you. The art you choose when listing your home should be to the contrary. The goal is to appeal to a broad audience of homebuyers.

Keep the flow: When you’re staging your home to sell, it is important for every room to flow into the next. Art can help keep the story feeling cohesive and allow you to add color with your selections. Each room’s artwork should contain tones of complementary colors for continuity.

Size matters: Big pieces of art are great, as long as they’re not competing with something nearby. A small photo of a seascape won’t be very impactful, but a large painting over a fireplace creates a focal point and adds visual interest to the space.

Think outside the canvas: Art doesn’t always involve paint on a canvas. In place of a painting, woven baskets on the wall can add texture above a sofa that features a bright, patterned set of pillows. Mirrors, which provide intriguing reflective surfaces, can also be used in place of art.

Simple doesn’t mean boring: Staging should be clean and simple, but it doesn’t have to lack personality. Art can bring a level of sophistication to a space. Art is imperative to staging in that it creates focal points and gives a home personality. Every homebuyer wants to know that the person they’re buying from did a great job maintaining the home, but also had a great sense of style!

Abstract thinking: Abstract pieces of art are ideal for staging. The subjective nature of abstract art has solidified it as a global style, with it requiring no specific cultural or localized knowledge to appreciate it. This makes it massively appealing to a broad audience of homebuyers.


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